Below are works for solo instruments, in chronological order. All works are available for purchase using the “Pay with PayPal” button. Scores and parts are delivered as password-protected PDF’s. Most deliveries arrive within 24 hours. Questions? Contact Greg.

On Walls (2017/18)

for alto saxophone and piano

Duration 23:00

Commissioned by Eddie Goodman.

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‘On Walls’ Score + Part


Atacameños (2016)

for solo violin

Duration 19:00

Commissioned by Sophia Han, Florida State University.

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‘Atacameños’ Score


Two Orchids (2015)

for Bb Clarinet and Piano

Duration 9:00

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Commissioned by Kellan Toohey, University of Colorado.

‘Two Orchids’ Score + Part


The Way Through the Woods (2013)

for Trumpet (Bb or C) and Electronics

Duration: 4:30

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‘The Way Through the Woods’ Score + WAV File


27 (2012)

for Tenor Saxophone and Electronics

Duration: 7:15

Written for Andrew Allen, saxophonist
Premiered July 11, 2012 at the World Saxophone Congress in St. Andrews, Scotland.

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’27’ Score + MP3 file


Blood on the Curb (2011)

for Solo Piano

Duration: 5:15

Written for the Melos Music Composer Collective’s 2011 New Music Recital
Premiered August 19, 2011 at the Community Music Center, San Francisco, CA; Stepan Rudenko, piano.

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‘Blood on the Curb’ Score


Oceanspeak (2010)

for Alto Saxophone and Electronics

Duration: 7:30

Written for Erik Steighner, professor of saxophone, Pacific Lutheran University.
Premiered March 6, 2010 at the North American Saxophone Alliance Convention, Athens, GA; Erik Steighner, alto saxophone.

‘Oceanspeak’ Score + WAV File


Estadio (2009)

in memoriam Victor Jara
for Solo Viola

Written in residence at the Brevard Music Center
Premiered November 11, 2009; Andrew Krimm, viola.
Recording featuring Karen Bentley Pollick, viola.

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‘Estadio’ Score