Below are works for small (non-vocal) ensembles and chamber groups, in chronological order. All works are available for purchase using the “Pay with PayPal” button. Scores and parts are delivered as password-protected PDF’s. Most deliveries arrive within 24 hours. Questions? Contact Greg.

Nebraska Songbook (2018)

for soprano/mezzo-soprano and piano

Duration: 17:00

Commissioned by the Nebraska Music Teachers’ Association and the Music Teachers’ National Association

Composed during a residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center, Nebraska City, NE

Score and audio coming soon

Available for purchase 2019

On Walls (2017/18)

for alto saxophone and piano

Duration: 23:00

Commissioned by Eddie Goodman. 

Score and audio coming November 2019.

Available for purchase 2019

Lighthouse Fanfares (2016-18)

for brass quintet (trumpets double flugelhorns)

Duration: 14:00

I. South Haven Pier
II. Whitefish Point (in memoriam)
III. Point Iroquois
IV. Big Red
V. Ludington Light

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Commissioned by Bill Lucas and the Lighthouse Brass.

Step Inside (2016)

for soprano saxophone and marimba

Duration: 7:21

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Program Notes

Commissioned by Rogue Two (Andrew Allen and Gordon Hicken).

‘Step Inside’ Score + Parts


Two Orchids (2015)

for Bb Clarinet and Piano

Duration 9:00

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Commissioned by Kellan Toohey, University of Colorado.

‘Two Orchids’ Score + Part


Virginia (2014)

for Flugelhorn, Tenor Saxophone, and Bass

Duration: 8:30

Written for “Over the Line” at the University of Michigan Museum of Art

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Devil Winds (2014)

for Reed Trio (Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon)

Duration: 4:25

Written for Third Rail, in residence at the Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings

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Program Notes

‘Devil Winds’ Score + Parts


Dragonfly (2013)

for Mallet Trio (Vibraphnone, Marimba, Marimba)

Duration: 3:48

Winner of the TorQ 2013 Percussion Seminar Composition Competition

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‘Dragonfly’ Score + Parts


Blues in Red (2012)

for Two Tenor Saxophones

Duration: 6:45

Written for “Nomenclature” at the University of Michigan Museum of Art.
Premiered January 19, 2013 at the University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, MI; Andy Hall
and Bruno Yoshioka, tenor saxophone.

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Program Notes

‘Blues in Red’ Score + Parts


All Roads Lead Two Ways (2012)

for String Quintet

Duration: 12:12

Written for the 2012 Melos Music Recital.
Premiered December 7, 2012 at the Ethical Society, Philadelphia, PA; ensemble39.

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‘All Roads Lead Two Ways’ Score + Parts


Rant (2009)

for Saxophone Quartet

Duration: 2:09

Written in residence at the Brevard Music Center.
Premiered August 6, 2009 by The ITCH Ensemble.

‘Rant’ Score + Parts


Piano Quintet No. 1: Scenes from Childhood (2009)

I. Kites at Seal Rock

II. Jordan and Nadia

III. Tag!

Duration: 16:00

Premiered April 8, 2009 at the University of Colorado; The Tasman String Quartet and Susan Olenwine, piano.
Honorable Mention, Fifth House Ensemble’s Young Composer Competition.
Movement I recorded by the Fifth House Ensemble on “Black Violet Act I: The Leagues of Despair”. Buy at

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Piano Quintet No. 1 Full Score + Parts


Piano Quintet No. 1 Study Score


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