Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare

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Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare is a major new work for jazz septet with electronics. It explores the boundaries of jazz, concert music, and electronica, all while creating space for each individual performer to color the music with their own voice. Featuring a cast of Nebraska’s finest musicians, the adventurous new recording creates an intricate, atmospheric series of musical worlds that will appeal to fans of any genre. 

Jazz saxophonist and composer Jordan VanHemert says of Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare:

In Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare, Simon has produced a work whose authenticity of spirit represents the most captivating narrative elements of the concert, electronic, and jazz genres without sidelining any language in favor of the others. One does truly feel as though the piece is a complete story through its three parts. In this work, it is clear that Simon’s journey as a composer of jazz, concert music, and electronic music continues, and it leaves the listener excited to find out where he will go next.

Recorded at ARC Studios in Omaha, the EP features amazing solos by bassist Andrew Mell, guitarist Jacob “Cubby” Phillips, trombonist Shawn Bell, and pianist Christopher Leach, alongside brilliant accompanimental work by saxophonist Andrew Janak and drummer Andrew Wray – all wrapped in gorgeous album art by Jodi-Renee Giron Learn more and purchase the recording for just $4 by visiting Bandcamp, or find it on any major streaming service.

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