Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare is out now!!

It’s here!! Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare is available for download on Bandcamp for only $4, and available for streaming wherever you get your tunes!

In his gorgeous liner notes for the project, saxophonist and composer Jordan VanHemert wrote of Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare:

In Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare, Simon has produced a work whose authenticity of spirit represents the most captivating narrative elements of the concert, electronic, and jazz genres without sidelining any language in favor of the others. One does truly feel as though the piece is a complete story through its three parts.

I can’t say enough about what a thrilling journey it’s been to bring this project to life, so I’ll restrain myself and just say that this is a project that has brought so many of my communities together, and I’m grateful to all of them. You can read more about the project and its genesis in the EP booklet (included with your purchase of the album on Bandcamp, only $4!)

Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare is the first foray into this way of thinking about music and creativity for me, but it’s certainly not the last — I hope you can make some time to listen and support, and that the energy of the amazing musicians on this recording inspires you the way it has me. Special thanks to all of the amazing performers — Christopher Leach, Andrew Janak, Andrew Wray, Andrew Mell, Shawn Bell, and Jacob “Cubby” Phillips. Super special thanks to Tom Larson for his genius production. And of course, this project doesn’t happen without Jodi Renee Giron’s love and support, not to mention her beautiful cover art. Visit Bandcamp to download the tracks and booklet (alongside a few fun extras), or look for Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and everywhere else!

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