Out next week: Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare!

Album art for Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare (by Jodi-Renee Giron).

The new studio recording of my new piece Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare is available next week on Bandcamp and major streaming services! Featuring an all-star band of Omaha’s finest jazz musicians, Fanfare, Nocturne, Fanfare is an exploration of the lines between jazz, concert music, and electronic music. Buy the 17-minute EP when it drops next week at gregsimonmusic.bandcamp.com (and follow me on Bandcamp to know the second it’s available), or look for it on your streaming service of choice!

Album cover by Jodi-Renee Giron — follow her on Twitter at @jodireneegiron.

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