Open Call: Song Writing

Sometimes a break from composing is required. But those needn’t be a break from creativity; in fact, I’ve always believed they shouldn’t be. I’ve also always believed that I need to be updating this blog a whole lot more. So, for the month of November (and maybe beyond), I’m turning part my efforts to my other favorite form of expression: short fiction.

You can take part in this little diversion simply by giving me something to write about. Send me the title of your favorite song, either by commenting on this post, on Twitter @gregsimonmusic, or using the contact page.This can be a piece of music in any genre, a pop song, or even (especially?) the title of something you wrote. For each one I receive, I’ll write a 100-word flash fiction with the same title and post it on this space.

Credit will be given for all suggestions unless otherwise requested. I’ll take suggestions anytime before December 1.

And since more exercise is never a bad thing, feel free to share this call around – new friends are welcome.

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